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Intro to TTE


What is TTE?

TerminalTextEffects (TTE) is a terminal visual effects engine. TTE can be installed as a system application to produce effects in your terminal, or as a Python library to enable effects within your Python scripts/applications. TTE includes a growing library of built-in effects which showcase the engine's features. These features include:

  • Xterm 256 / RGB hex color support
  • Complex character movement via Paths, Waypoints, and motion easing, with support for quadratic/cubic bezier curves.
  • Complex animations via Scenes with symbol/color changes, layers, easing, and Path synced progression.
  • Variable stop/step color gradient generation.
  • Event handling for Path/Scene state changes with custom callback support and many pre-defined actions.
  • Effect customization exposed through a typed effect configuration dataclass that is automatically handled as CLI arguments.
  • Runs inline, preserving terminal state and workflow.

Getting Started

TTE can be used as a system application or as a Python library. To get started, visit the installation and usage guides below.

Installation Guide Application Usage Library Usage

Effects Library

TTE includes a growing library of built-in effects. Visit the showroom to see examples of each effect.

Effects Showroom

Library Cookbook

Check out the cookbook to see interesting examples using the TTE library.

Library Cookbook

Release Write-Ups

Friendly release write-ups can be found in the ChangeBlog